Cllr Sally Lill


I have been a resident in Telford for 30 years. Originally from Birmingham, I have been in Dawley Bank for 25 years. I have worked as a teacher for 34 years, in Shropshire and Birmingham. For four, happy years I worked at Captain Webb Primary School. I have been head teacher at Sheriffhales Primary School and am now head at St John’s Catholic Primary. I also work as an educational consultant and visiting tutor for Edgehill University.

I want to invest in my community so I can help to create a place that offers great opportunities for its residents. I have a passion for education and I know that the young people in Dawley and Malinslee are the community’s future. I have been a Labour supporter for 40 years. I am interested in equal rights for women and have run initiatives such as ‘girls into maths’ in order to promote participation.

  • Town Councillor for GDTC (Malinslee Ward)
  • Executive Committee Member

Contact Sally on 07982 426494