The Town Council provides various services:

Community Hall – Dawley House

Service Level Agreement with the Borough Council for the BMX Track at Malinslee Playing Fields.

Sweeper – The Parish Council has a 5-year Lease with Telford & Wrekin Services Ltd. This is in addition to the normal service provided by the Borough Council. [Local Government Act 1972 Section 137]

Dawley Day – normally the first Saturday in July.

Gardening Service – We deliver a service to 96 local residents, providing a combination of: 6 grass cuts (May to October), a General Tidy (in May and in October) and a Hedge Trim (in May and in October). [Local Government Act 1972 Section 137]

Christmas Parties for our Towns Older Persons.

Grants – to Voluntary Organisations £6,000. [Local Government Act 1972 Section 137]


Bus Shelters. The Town Council provides, cleans and maintains a number of Shelters around the locality. 

Hanging Baskets in Dawley High Street.

Urban Games. This is an event that is held every two years at the Malinslee BMX Track. (Held in Leegomery the alternate year). £1,000 is set aside each year. Normally organised by Wrekin Riders BMX.

The Clock on the Old Market Building in the High Street is maintained by the Town Council, however there is some difficulty at present with access to make repairs.

BMX Day – £1,000 to aid an event at the Malinslee BMX Track. Normally organised by Wrekin Riders BMX.

Working in Partnership with the Borough Council there is £1,000 for improvements to the Dawley Park and £1,000 for Rights of Way associated works.

Grants (£4,000) towards local schemes to provide Christmas Entertainment for Older Persons.

Entertainment at the Bandstand in Dawley High Street.

From November until January the Council has Christmas Street Lighting Decorations in the High Street and in the three local Car Parks.

Entertainment in late November or early December in Dawley High Street, this may be in the form of a Lantern Parade. There may also be some Lantern Workshops.

There is a fund of £1,500 for activities under the heading ‘Spring Clean’. For example, in the past this has included a session in Chiltern Gardens making a willow structure.

There are staff members who directly look after the Community Hall at Dawley House, including opening & closing for the various groups that use the hall. Also cleaning.

The Neighbourhood Officer has a varied role. A major activity is to patrol the local area, inspecting Council property (i.e. Bus Shelters) and identifying issues that need attention, such as graffiti, non-working street lights, litter (including fly-tipping). Most of these issues are then reported to the Borough Council for rectification.