The Town Council provides various services:

Dawley and Malinslee Community Library.
Now open in Dawley House (opp the Elephant and Castle), it is open every morning Monday to Friday from 9am – 1pm and until 4pm on Tuesdays.

Great Dawley Dinner
Every Friday we produce a two course dinner with unlimited tea and coffee for just £4.00. This meal is open to all residents of the parish no matter what age they are. Places allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Gardening Service
We deliver a service to over 100 local elderly and disabled residents, providing a combination of approximately 6 grass cuts from May to October, three general tidies and/or a hedge trim (in October).

Dawley Market
Every Friday on Dawley High Street from 9am – 4pm.


We provide a dedicated PCSO that works closely with the Town Council to help support the local community.

Christmas parties for local over 60s

These popular parties are held in December every year and all residents of the parish over the age of 60 are invited to attend. Details of the next party are always published in our Autumn newsletter.

Available to Voluntary Organisations £6,000 in the parish. [Local Government Act 1972 Section 137]

Our popular newsletter is published four times a year and is hand delivered to every address in the parish of Great Dawley.

Bus Shelters.
The Town Council provides, cleans and maintains a number of shelters around the locality


We offer advertising opportunities to businesses within the parish on six roundabouts in the area. They can pay for a sign to be situated on any of the roundabouts they choose.

Hanging baskets in Dawley High Street

Hanging baskets in Dawley High Street

Hanging baskets and planters in Dawley High Street
Every year the planters and hanging baskets in Dawley High Street are filled with a lovely display of Summer flowers. These brighten up and beautify the area for visitor’s enjoyment.

(£4,000) towards local schemes to provide Christmas entertainment for older persons

Entertainment at the Bandstand in Dawley High Street
The bandstand is a regular venue for singers on Fridays while the market is in town. Entertainers have included Chester Riggon, Chloe May and Tom Wenlock. Please use the link to see upcoming events.

Christmas Lights.
From November until January the Council has Christmas street lighting decorations in the High Street, three local car parks and in Malinslee centre. There is also a Christmas Light Switch On event in both Dawley and Malinslee with fairground rides, crafts and food which is fun for everyone. Visit our Events page for details of this year’s switch Ons.

Dog bags.
These are available for free to dog owners in the parish. They can be collected from the Town Hall and Dawley & Malinslee Community Library in opening hours – one pack per person.

Available from the Co-op in the High Street

The Clock on the Old Market Building in the High Street
This is maintained by the Town Council, however there is some difficulty at present with access to make repairs.