Terms and Conditions

Main Terms

  1. The Hiring Organisation shall be responsible for the reinstatement cost of any damage caused to the accommodation, facilities or equipment therein during the times of hiring.
  2. If the fire alarm or intruder alarm is activated during the hire as a result of the hirer or guests actions, then a charge will be made to cover the cost of the call out.
  3. The council reserves the right to cancel the hiring at short notice should the accommodation be required for council meetings, although every effort will be made to avoid such an eventuality.
  4. Dawley House is a no smoking zone. Smoke detectors are placed in all rooms; hirers will be liable for any visits from the Fire Service. A wall ashtray is provided to the right of the main entrance outside.
  5. The hirer must familiarise themselves with the Fire Evacuation Procedures and ensure all users are aware of their responsibilities in the event of a fire or emergency.
  6. Hirers must insure that noise from functions cannot be hear by the nearest resident’s home, and that any band or disco is made aware of this.
  7. At the end of any booked session, the building should be handed back to the caretaker or member of staff. Under no circumstances should the building be left empty and unlocked during the booking.
  8. If cancellation of any booked session is required it must be cancelled more than 48 hours before your booking. Bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the booking may be charged for, except in the event of extreme weather conditions. If the booking is not kept and no prior contact has been made with the office then the booking will be charged for.
  9. Bookings can be charged by half hours, there is a minimum booking of 1 hour.


General Information

Stiletto heels are not permitted in the hall as they can cause damage to the floor and may be dangerous in the event of a small gap appearing.

The kitchen is available for use by anyone hiring the hall. You must respect the belongings of any other user group. You are permitted to use the communal crockery but must abide by good housekeeping standards and ensure all equipment is left clean and tidy.

When the cooker is in use the fans must be switched on and the shutters in the main hall must be open.

Car parking is available on the main Burton Street car park which is situated to the right hand side of the road outside the building. There is one disabled parking space at the back of the building.

Parking in the street is prohibited unless in a marked bay. Please observe the time restrictions in operation.