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Great Dawley Town Council Getting the Clock Ticking…..

Great Dawley Town Council is working to get the Old Market Hall Clock back in working order.

The Town Council is working with the building owner and the current tenant to get the Old Market Hall clock ticking again for the people of Dawley.

If you look up to the skies at 64 High Street, the clock is keeping watch over us all. Originally on this site was the Market Hall, constructed in 1867, and part of this impressive building was a turret with a bell tower and clock. The bell tower and clock were a gift to the town by Lt. Col. William Kenyon Slaney. Although the building and its use have changed dramatically over the years, including the removal of the bell tower, the clock still remains today.

Great Dawley Town Council is working with Smith of Derby, a traditional bespoke clock makers, who have been producing and repairing clocks for over 150 years, to get the clock ticking again. Smith of Derby have been involved with the clock since the 1970s.

Cllr Jane Pinter, Vice Chair of the Council said ‘The Clock in the High Street was first installed in the late 1800s, as a result of the change of use and ownership it’s been impossible to service the clock in recent years, I am delighted that work with the new building owners we are able to fix the clock – and get it ticking once again’

Great Dawley Town Council Welcomes Dedicated PCSO to Dawley High Street

Great Dawley Town Council are pleased to welcome a dedicated Police Community Support Officer, PCSO, thanks to working in partnership and joint funding with Safer Communities Partnership.

Ruth Brunger, the new dedicated PCSO will be covering Great Dawley and in particular the current issue of parking in Dawley High Street and surrounding areas.

From April 2015, the new 37 hour post will be in place and will be filled by Ruth who will conduct patrols and will work closely with officers who already have a strong knowledge of Dawley and the issues affecting its communities. This will allow Ruth to concentrate on key areas of Great Dawley, tackle some local issues identified, as well as developing links with the public, local businesses and partners.

Great Dawley Town Council are working in partnership on this pilot to enhance the town, and its aim is to have a greater impact on tackling issues such as anti-social behaviour and other local community issues. It is anticipated that parking powers will be incorporated into the job role.

Cllr Shaun Davies, Chair of Great Dawley Town Council said “Illegal car parking and anti-social behaviour is a top issue for residents and businesses in the area. This dedicated CSO, which is an expansion of the current service, will make a real positive impact for our Town Council area”

Chief Inspector Sarah Chaloner said “We are pleased to support this funded request with the recruitment of a further PCSO for Great Dawley. PCSO Brunger will work with the officers already assigned to the Dawley area to further impact upon the issues that cause our residents and businesses the most concern.”

Cllr Jane Pinter, added “We are very much looking forward to welcoming the new PCSO to Dawley and seeing them tackle some of the local issues raised by local people”

This pilot enables Great Dawley Town Council to set the patrol area and the priorities of the PCSO, and regular meetings will be held in partnership with West Mercia Police to discuss performance and priorities.

West Mercia police will be recruiting more police officers in April as part of an on going campaign to maintain front line policing.

West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore said: “I’m very pleased to see this happening for Great Dawley. PCSOs are a vital part of modern policing, and do some excellent work in the communities of West Mercia every day. It’s great to know that work will now be going on in Great Dawley on a full-time basis. A partnership mentality has been key to making this change happen, and it’s heartening to see this collaboration achieve something that will make a real difference to local people. We need to see more of this kind of approach all round.”

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