Cllr San Sekhon MBE – Labour

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Great Dawley Town Council are very proud that Councillor San Sekhon has been given the MBE honour for her many years of charity work in both the community of Dawley, the town of Telford and in India, particularly in sponsoring the school and education programmed in the village where she was born.

An MBE is an award given by the Queen to an individual for outstanding service to the community or local ‘hands on’ service. The definition of MBE is Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Councillor Sekhon was born in India in 1949 and travelled to England in 1960 with her husband Peter to build a new life, first living in Coventry and then moving to Wolverhampton before settling in Telford in 1984 where they opened a shop in Eyton Road, Dawley which they both ran for nearly 20 years. Councillor Sekhon has 2 children, Jane and Tony and 3 grandchildren.

Councillor Sekhon became a local councillor for the community of Great Dawley in 2003 as well as supporting a number of charities by raising money and awareness of their excellent work including Severn Hospice, Macmillian Nurses, PRH and the sheltered housing at Buxton Road, Dawley.

Councillor Sekhon has also supported the gurwara in Hadley with the support and development of the Khusdil group, this is a group that meets every Thursday with over 40 ladies at the Sikh temple Hadley. This group gives the ladies an opportunity to meet and discuss health, healthy practices in the home, participate in weekly yoga in weekly yoga classes and also have their blood pressure taken by the health visitor. Different food is cooked every week and the ladies are encouranges to go on trips outside of the community to reduce isolation.