Meet the councillors

Town Councillors

Cllr Pinter1 Jane Pinter – Mayor

My name is Jane. I live in Little Dawley with my husband Louis and we have two grown up daughters Jodi and Nichola. I came to live in Dawley in 1975  and attended the Phoenix School. I left age 16 and went into the local factory Clifford Williams, which was called the pyjama factory, met my husband and settled down with a family.

I have always been involved with charities and worked as a volunteer for the Cat Protection for 12 years and then a paid employee for 6 years until I was made redundant in 2011. Daunting as this sounds, this however gave me the opportunity to become involved with Great Dawley Town Council which I enjoy immensely. I am also the chair of Friends of Dawley Park and with the hard work of volunteers it will remain a great asset to the communities and local people of Dawley.

Cllr Randle1 Malcolm Randle – Deputy Mayor

I moved to Telford aged 22 years. And have lived here since. I have three children and three Grandchildren. I also have one Great Granddaughter soon to be two great grandchildren. I love living in Telford and I am happy to be a Councillor for the Malinslee Ward of Great Dawley Town Council

 Cllr Choudhary1 Richard Choudhary – Councillor

I have been a Town Councillor for Great Dawley for three years.

I was born in Kenya and came to Telford in 1987 and have lived in Malinslee for over twenty years. Since arriving in Telford I attended Telford College of Arts and Technology and then started up and continue to run a small business.

I have a strong interest in ensuring that the interests of the residents are represented and that public monies are used effectively. I believe that local councils should serve the local people.

In any precious spare time I enjoy scuba diving and gardening.

 Cllr Sekhon1 San Sekhon – Councillor
 Kuldip Sahota Photo May15 Kuldip Sahota – Councillor