Project – Dawley Town Hall

Dawley’s Town Hall has been used as a community venue since 1873 when it was originally a Temperance Hall.

Recently Great Dawley Town Council decided that this lovely old building needed to be refurbished to become the go to place for local people to hold their special events, and to that end, various work has been carried out on it as follows:

Kitchen Refurbishment

The new kitchen

The old tiny kitchen was knocked through into an adjacent room to more than treble its size and then refitted with a modern catering quality stainless steel kitchen and various equipment. This was funded by a grant from Telford & Wrekin Council’s Pride In Your High Street scheme. The kitchen is now available to hire when booking the Hall.


The entire hall has been repainted to smarten up its interior so that it meets the expectations of those wishing to hire it for their special occasions.

The hall before painting

The hall after painting





Replacing the large feature windows

The three large windows at the top of the Town Hall were bricked in several years ago, but it was decided to reinstate them to their original glory. This has the effect of allowing much more light into the hall, as well as restoring the building to its original design.


Original windows

No windows

New windows











New electronic blinds have been installed over each of the windows that will blackout the room during film showings by Dawley Flix. The blinds were funded by the Dawley Flix Project. New vertical blinds were installed in the reception area to improve the look as well as hide the working office when an event takes place.