Dawley Town Hall Refurbishment

Dawley Town Hall has been used as a community venue since 1873 when it was originally a Temperance Hall. Great Dawley Town Council has been committed to refurbishing this building of local, historical significance.

Kitchen Refurbishment

Dawley Town Hall offers a large catering style kitchen which was formally a small kitchenette area, which was not suited to the capacity of the building. The kitchen is now ideal for any private hire, corporate or community event thanks to funding awarded by Telford & Wrekin Pride in Your High Street grant.

Replacing the large feature windows

The three large windows at the top of the Town Hall were bricked in several years ago, but it was decided to reinstate them to their original glory in 2017 to restore the building to its original design.

Old windows
Blocked out windows
New windows


Electronic blinds were installed into the main hall funded through the Big Lottery Dawley Flix Project in 2017 to allow for a better cinematic experience.

Blinds at Dawley Town Hall

New vertical blinds were also installed into the reception area of Dawley Town Hall.


In March 2019 the bar facilities at Dawley Town Hall were upgraded to a fully functional bar from the previous mobile bar. These new facilities have improved the appearance of the Main Hall and the operation of the bar during functions. This project was funded as part of the £75,000 Veolia Grant. 

Original Mobile Bar
New Bar


New female toilets

In January 2019 the toilets at Dawley Town Hall were refurbished, the female toilets have increased from two cubicles to four and the decoration in keeping with the history of the building with a slightly modern feel.

The disabled/ baby-changing toilet has also been awarded Stoma Friendly by Colostomy UK. This refurbishment was part of the £75,000 Veolia Grant.

Heating, Door Retainers & USB Sockets

In March 2019 the Heating System at Dawley Town Hall was upgraded as part of the Telford and Wrekin Council – Telford @ 50 Legacy Grant. The Town Hall has two new boilers and all new radiators within the Main Hall to improve the heating up of the large building. Door Retainers were fitted to the main hall and kitchen doors at Dawley Town Hall. These allow for the doors to be left open and not be a fire risk as they automatically close when the fire alarm sounds, they have been a great addition to the facilities.  Dawley Town Hall has also had USB Sockets installed within the Main Hall all these updates were part of the Telford and Wrekin Council – Telford @ 50 Legacy Grant. 

Floor & Roof

In April 2019 the floor as Dawley Town Hall was repaired as part of the £75,000 Veolia Grant. The floor become to look worn and tired and the repair saw the replacement of some boards but a full sanding down and waxing from a professional company giving it a better appearance.

New floor

As part of the £75,000 Veolia Grant the roof at Dawley Town Hall was repaired in November 2018, the roof had a small leak in the top corner of the main hall which has now been repaired.