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The Town Council represents Dawley and Malinslee. It is situated on the southern boundary of Telford and Wrekin Council, has 8520 (March 2014) registered electors who have the opportunity to vote for fourteen Councillors to serve on the Town Council and represent their views.
jane-pinter Shaun_Davies
Councillor Shaun Davies was elected as Chair of the Council at the Annual Council Meeting held on 20 May 2013. Councillor Jane Pinter was elected as Vice-Chair of the Council at the same meeting.

Meeting Calendar 2014-2015

Type of Meeting
Notice (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
Entertainment Meeting Dawley Town Hall21 July10:00Entertainment Sub-Committee Notice
Extra-Ordinary Meeting Dawley House14 July 18:30 Extraordinary Meeting Notice Extra-Ordinary Minutes DRAFT
Executive CommitteeDawley House 14 July 18:00Executive Sub-Committee Notice Executive Minutes DRAFT


stw_urban_5323 Councillor Patricia Duce capt-webb-83 Ellie Poole and Declan Poole Making 'Cress Heads' at the Great Dawley Parish Council craft stall Heron 2

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